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Your possible workplaces as a Medical Laboratory Scientist/Technician in Australia



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Average Annual Salary Range of a Medical Technologist in Australia

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AIMS Accreditation

(Australian Institute of Medical Scientists)

Do you already have a positive skill assessment
from AIMS (skill assessment authority)?


We may now proceed to General Skilled Migration application.

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You will be needing to under go  skill assessment from Skill Assessment Authority – this is an organization that verify that your skills meet the Australian standard to work in a relevant occupation.

Proceed below for more information on what you need for assessment.

Important requirements to consider for AIMS Assessment

English Language Exam

International English Language Testing System or popularly known as IELTS is required for most visa applications to Australia. You must at least have an overall band score of 7.0. Alternatively, you may also take a Pearson English Test (PTE) academic or OET.

Working Experience

The applicant should have at least 2 years of experience in the past 5 years. Work experience claims will only be considered if it is a closely related to your nominated occupation, and was undertaken post qualification in the past 10 yrs prior to the application. Must accompanied by employment evidences such as employment certificate, professional references, tax document and etc..

There are two medical laboratory qualifications based on your
AIMS Assessment.

Medical Laboratory Technician

You may be eligible or assess to sit the AIMS Professional examination to upgrade your qualification to Medical Laboratory Scientist.

As a Medical Laboratory Technician, you will perform routine medical laboratory tests under the supervision of Medical Laboratory Scientist.. Also, you may have a salary around Aud$38,896 to AuD$51, 770 annually depending on your experience as an expert in this field.

Medical Laboratory Scientist

As a Medical Laboratory Scientist, you will conduct medical laboratory tests to assist in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease. Also, you may have a salary around Aud$46,998 to AuD$86,403 annually depending on your experience as an expert in this field.

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