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Using a Migration Agent to Immigrate in Australia

ORIGIN MIGRATION | BLOGS Is it necessary to use a migration agent to Immigrate in Australia? Are you planning to migrate to Australia but thinking if you need a Migration Agent? In this article, you are to know the reasons why many migrants are heading to Australia and why you should use a migration agent [...]


Statutory Declaration Authorization

ORIGIN MIGRATION | BLOGS Statutory Declaration authorization Fortifying its aim to strengthen the Statutory Declaration for immigration purposes as part of the visa applications, the Attorney General’s Department is hereby allowing the Registered Migration Agents to authorize or witness a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration as being part of the minor amendments to ensure the regulations remain [...]


Citizenship Changes Bill 2018

ORIGIN MIGRATION | BLOGS CITIZENSHIP CHANGES BILL 2018 Citizenship changes back in limelight The Australian Legislation Amendment (Strengthening the Requirements for Australian Citizenship and Other Measures) Bill of 2018 is now on its second reading out of three readings. If there are no disagreements between the Houses, the legislation amendment will finally pass and will [...]


Citizenship 2018: IELTS may change in Conversational English

ORIGIN MIGRATION | BLOGS Citizenship 2018 IELTS may change in Conversational English In the recently proposed citizenship reform on 1 July 2018, instead of using International English Language Testing System (IELTS) as an instrument to identify the English Proficiency of the Australia’s Citizenship applicants, it may be replaced to basic conversational English. According to the [...]