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Yes we are legal. Origin Migration is registered in Australian Business Name with number 96 757 664 461 and in Philippines trade as Perennial Migration and Education Visa Solutions with certificate number 05046087. Want to know more? Visit the about us of our web site!

No, since we are migration and education specialists, we are assisting our applicants to process their desired visa application.

Complying your application with the requirements for the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the Migration Agent will help you to satisfy the standards of the regulation with the help of his/her expertise in the field.

 International English Language Testing System or IELTS is the most acceptable English language test by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. IELTS assesses the English proficiency in four skills such as listening, writing, reading and speaking. The IELTS score you need depends on the requirements of your visa, and the organisation where you plan to study or to work.

Electronically, we are using the Internet for a hassle free process of Visa Application. Also, we are using case management software and shared email inboxes to assist your concerns more efficiently.

The time frame for your visa process may vary from your visa type. We will let you know once your visa is lodged.

Visa cost will be depending on your visa application type. For more details about your visa application, email us at [email protected]