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Student Visa

Subclass 500

Be globally competitive. Unfold your academic excellence!



Varies depending on type of visa

Visa Fee

From AUD630



Processing Time

Processing time varies

It allows you to enter Australia to visit and attend a course of study.

What you need to know

Student Visa Requirements

  • Applicant must be enrolled in a course to study in Australia
  • Applicant must have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) or fall in one of the exempted categories
  • Applicant must be six-year-old or older
  • If under 18 years old, the applicant must show a welfare arrangement
  • Some applicant may require demonstrate Financial capacity to study in Australia
  • Some applicant may require to provide English test

How much it will cost

Origin Migration offers flexible payment schemes to suit different financial capabilities of clients.

• It starts from AUD630

• Upfront due day before visa application lodgement

Our clients can pay by credit card, online electronic fund transfer, bank deposit or direct debit

Payment terms and options (eg. Instalment) are available. Talk to us we are flexible.

Stay duration

The student can stay up to 5 years.  

Processing Time

Processing time for this visa is a case by case basis and depending on the circumstances of the Student visa application.

These are some of the reasons why the process time is longer than usual:

  • The information in the application are not complete
  • The supporting documents are not sufficient for the case officer to finalise the application and more document(s)/information are required
  • The response time of the applicant for the requested information
  • The information provided takes time on the verification process.
  • The information from external agencies sometimes takes time. Example, those who are related to national security, health, and character requirements
  • Number of applications load process by the processing centre, internal policy (processing standard time) and influx in application in a given time period

Origin Migration will make sure that your visa application is front-loaded meaning decision ready application and up to date information are provided from time to time to avoid delays on our application

Being Student Visa holder

The student who is granted a visa is allowed to:

  • Join in an eligible course to study in Australia
  • Enjoy traveling to and from Australia
  • Work up to 40 hours every two weeks once your studies start

You will be guided!

Don’t worry, we have our in-house Registered Migration Agent (RMA) and our professional team that support and guide you throughout the whole application process. We are here at any time you need us! All you have to do is work with us, and provide the necessary documents/information required by the Government and will take care of the rest.

Origin Migration has partnership with a reputable educational institutions in Australia for individual who wish to study abroad.

Our preferred institutions:

Step up for a better future!

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