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Australia’s International border will reopen from November 2021 for some states with an 80% vaccination rate

Vaccination targets on the Four-Phase Plan of the Government last 30 July 2021 is happening.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced yesterday, 01 October 2021, the international border will re-open for some states with an 80% vaccination rate from November.

Starting with New South Wales (NSW), they have reached 80% vaccination in late October. Victoria is on track to meet the goal by mid-November.

Queensland and Western Australia will reach 80% vaccination rates in the first weeks of December. Still, both governments have consistently pushed back to reopen their borders until a time that suits them. By 03 December, South Australia is expected to have vaccinated 80% of its population.

On a national scale, recent estimates put Australia’s vaccination rate at 80% by 10 November.

The four approved and recognised for use COVID-19 vaccines in Australia by Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) are AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria), Pfizer (Comirnaty), Moderna (Spikevax), and the COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen (Johnson & Johnson).

Also, TGA recommended that Coronavac (Sinovac) and Covishield (AstraZeneca/Serum Institute of India) vaccines should be considered as “recognised vaccines” for determining incoming international travellers as being vaccinated.

Australian citizens and permanent residents aged 12 and over who are fully vaccinated of “recognised vaccines” may travel without the need for an exemption. This might start sometime in November; also, the Australian Government will provide more information soon.

Fully vaccinated Australians and permanent residents arriving in NSW will be able to home quarantine for seven days, instead of having a 14 days hotel quarantine which depends on the success of the home quarantine trial of the state.

Marrison said Australia would work on establishing “complete quarantine-free” travel between some countries such as New Zealand and Singapore

Australian citizens and permanent residents who cannot be vaccinated because of medical conditions or under 12 years old may travel overseas without an exemption.

No Caps on returning Vaccinated Australians

Fully vaccinated Australians and permanent residents with Australian Government recognised vaccines, or under 12 years old, may be eligible for a reduced quarantine arrangement when returning to Australia. You will need to show your vaccination status at check-in when travelling to Australia.

In South Australia, they will also implement home quarantine for vaccinated arrivals once they have reached 80% of their state’s population over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated.

Mr Morrison said as other states reopen, the Government would also provide additional support if they agreed to implement home quarantine.

“To maximise the number of Australians who can return, our government is also offering facilitated flights into any state or territory that agrees to commence seven-day home quarantine trials for returning Australians,” Mr Morrison said in a statement.

Unvaccinated or vaccinated travellers with vaccines not approved or recognised by the TGA will take fourteen days managed quarantine.

Those who do not meet the travel requirements must continue to follow the border processes when travelling outside Australia or to Australia.

International Airlines will Reopen Flights

International Airlines have continued flying to Australia during this pandemic.

Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, and Qatar Airlines were limited in the number of seats they could sell due to arrival caps. Moreover, this will now unlock those flights.

While Qantas still plans on a reboot for their international flights on 18 December. They will advance the resumption of Sydney-London and Sydney-Los Angeles services to 14 November.

This resumption of international travel will be accompanied by the launch of an internationally recognised “vaccination passport” in both digital and paper forms, which will be linked to the global QR code system to indicate vaccination status.

“Australians who want to travel overseas once restrictions are removed will be able to access an internationally recognised proof of vaccination document,” Morrison said.

“That will be in the coming weeks, to prove their vaccination status abroad. And that proof of vaccination for international travel will include a QR code that is readable globally.”

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